Orolix Communicator

Connect Everywhere

Orolix Communicator (OC) is a tool for connecting easily and quickly to mobile networks.
Improve your Customer Satisfaction
Due to its inuitive interface, value added services integration, effective communication channel
and user friendly feature, OC greatly improves the end-user experience.
Increase your ARPU
OC easy interface encourages users to send more and longer/richer SMS messages.
The Integrated Orolix Store simplifies products and services purchase.
Totally Multi-platform
Supports GSM and CDMA networks. Works with all kinds of 3G devices.
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
Communicate with End Users
Background advertising is an effective communication channel with the customers.
Seamless Device Switching
Changing from one device to another is a transparent experience for customers.
No data or user preferences are lost when switching between any devices.
Subscriber Management
Monitor and analyze the behavior of individual and groups of subscribers.